Imagine doing something fun... Imagine doing something that you think is beyond your capabilities, but you decide to try it anyway to test yourself. Imagine you make this 'challenge' your goal, and you work around the clock to try and achieve it. You train or practice in every spare moment you have, you memorise facts and calculate data, all in preparation for when that challenge comes. Imagine that when it does come it's the toughest thing you've ever done. It breaks you down physically until you're exhausted, and mentally the task is so tough that you wish you were anywhere else in the world. What you are going through is tough but you realise in that moment that you have a choice. Yo


After featuring as the inaugural young Australian advocate interviewee, Kate McBride explains where her passion for the Murray-Darling Basin comes from in an exclusive blog piece. G’day Everyone, My name is Kate McBride, I’m 19 years old and I’m a Jillaroo at my family’s sheep, cattle and goat property in western NSW. Tolarno is a 670,000 acre property located along the darling river and is where I was born and brought up. I’m third generation to run Tolarno but my family has actually been farming in South Australia for 162 years but it’s the red earth of the western region that flows through my veins. At the same time as that I’m also a uni student down in Adelaide, western region loc

An Interview Series; Why?

In 2018 on @whattomhasdunn you'll see over 24 interviews with young Australian Adventurers and Advocates. But why? What's the benefit for me to spend the hours finding and then interviewing these people? Simply put, there's too many cool stories out there that you need to know about! For me, my SUP4DCA trip (a 3,800km SUP journey that raised ~$82,000 ) is the thing I'm most proud of. It was a personal challenge but I feel good knowing that something I did has made a positive impact on the wider world. The trip gained a nice chunk of public attention which helped my fundraising and it was cool to see that people were interested in what I was doing along the way. After SUP4DCA and it's suc