ALT Product Review: Malachowski/Sea to Summit.

Throughout much of the ALT trip talking about where I had slept the night before seemed to get the most interest from family, friends and followers. Looking back on it, the attention was probably deserved; I stayed in some, uh, unique places.. For example.... The banks of a croc infested river, inside the change room of a public toilet, behind a toilet block on a highway, a beer garden in a pub, an actual garden in a park (next to the sprinkler, not my best sleep), a showground, under a hedge, on the edge of a school oval, public park, someone backyard, remote lakeside beach and many more interesting and bizzare places. (I also had many incredibly lovely people open their doors and let m

ALT Product Review: Wilderness Wear

What's the longest you've worn a single pair of socks? Maybe 24 hours if in winter you've worn a pair during the day and then kept them on over night to keep warm? Maybe 48 hours if you've forgotten to do your washing and been forced to wear the same pair for back to back days? Maybe 72 hours if you've out hiking or camping and you forgot to pack a spare pair? During my last trip I wore a single pair of blue Wilderness Wear socks for almost every single kilometre I completed. That's 3,872km cycling, 943.5km running, 92 days, and almost 600 hours in a single pair of socks. Why? Because I had to.. sort of. In the lead up to my Cape York to Wilson's Prom trip I started Day 0 with two pair